™ In-Office Materials

The™ In-Office Solution is a comprehensive suite of technologies that simplifies the process of prescribing and delivering dental restorations. Featuring proprietary design automation, advanced engineering, and integrated communications, this system offers a streamlined experience and enhanced treatment flexibility. With the Solution, dental practitioners gain an immediate portal to the world’s most innovative dental laboratory and a simple-to-use chairside milling solution capable of producing restorations from the industry’s most popular materials.

Obsidian CAD

Obsidian® CAD Milling Blocks

A highly esthetic lithium silicate ceramic with translucency similar to that of natural dentition.

CAMouflage NOW

CAMouflage® NOW Milling Blocks

Coming Soon!

A nanohybrid composite ideal for quick fabrication of inlays, onlays and full-coverage crowns.

Milling Accessories

In-Office Milling Accessories

A variety of accessories designed to assist with the fabrication of in-office dental restorations.

  • Obsidian® Paste Stain Ocher, 3g

  • Obsidian® Paste Stain Orange, 3g

  • Obsidian® Paste Stain Pink, 3g

  • Obsidian® Paste Stain Violet, 3g

  • Obsidian® Paste Stain White, 3g

  • Obsidian® Paste Stain Yellow, 3g

  • Obsidian® Stain & Glaze Palette

  • Obsidian® Stain and Glaze Chairside Kit

    Product Description: The Obsidian® Stain and Glaze Chairside Kit includes all of the components necessary to colorize and finish glass-ceramic and zirconia restorations. Ideal for clinicians who mill in-office restorations, this...
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