Product Code: 70-1047-COM0203
Scanning Abutment
Prismatik Dentalcraft

Product Description

Inclusive Scanning Abutments are used to transmit highly accurate position and angulation data of seated implants when scanned with an intraoral or desktop digital scanner. Retained within the abutment body by internal threading is a screw manufactured from titanium alloy. An Inclusive Scanning Abutment is attached to the implant utilizing the internal screw, which is compatible with the restorative instrumentation of the specified implant system. Always use the internal screw to attach the scanning abutment to the implant, tightening the screw to hold the scanning abutment in place. Hand-tighten only, using the appropriate driver. Do not tighten using torque instruments. Each scanning abutment is specific to the restorative platform of the seated implant.

Clinical Scanning Abutments containing a radiopaque, barium-sulfate material, are designed for chairside use with intraoral scanners. Connected to the original implant fixture, their opacity on a radiograph allows accurate confirmation of complete seating. Smaller heights are available to accommodate ease of attachment in the posterior arch. Placed intraorally (attached to an implant in a patient's mouth), Inclusive Clinical Scanning Abutments are designed for single use only. Multiple use in a clinical setting is contraindicated due to potential scan inaccuracies and the risk of cross-contamination

Laboratory Scanning Abutments are produced from radiolucent material, and are designed to be used with implant analogs on a stone model. Used in the laboratory (attached to an implant analog in a working cast), Inclusive Scanning Abutments may be considered multiple-use devices. Inspect each scanning abutment prior to use. Do not use a scanning abutment that is damaged or unclean.


Each Inclusive Scanning Abutment is packaged with a captured screw.


Inclusive Scanning Abutments should not be used for elastomeric impressions or bite registrations.


Inclusive Scanning Abutments are packaged NON-STERILE. Prior to use in the oral environment, they should be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized according to an FDA-recognized sterility assurance standard such as ANSI/AAMI ST79.

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