Product Code: 70-1084-IKT0001
Self-Impression Kit
for Prismatik Dentalcraft

The Glidewell Self-Impression Kit empowers dentists to prescribe appliances while reducing the time patients spend in the dental office. This all-inclusive kit allows patients to take impressions at home, ultimately reducing the risk of being exposed to communicable diseases that may be in the dental practice. Practitioners can choose to guide the patient through the impression process using teledentistry tools, or otherwise can inform the patient of the appropriate steps beforehand. Once the patient has taken the impression, the kit is returned to the dentist's office for evaluation and then sent to the laboratory. This kit is intended to be used for the prescription of nightguards, retainers, snoring and sleep apnea devices, sports mouthguards, and removable appliances, including dentures, flippers and partials.

Included In Kit:
1 Instruction Guide
1 Prescription Form
2 Upper Impression Trays
2 Lower Impression Trays
4 White Putty
4 Purple Putty
1 Pair of Gloves
1 Zip-close Bag
1 Impression Material Instructions for Use

Order Options:
Glidewell Self-Impression Kit (single unit) — $35.00
Glidewell Self-Impression Kit (10-pack) — $297.50

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