Product Code: 70-1051-COM0117
Abutment Analog Snappy™ Abutment
Prismatik Dentalcraft

Product Description

Inclusive Abutment Analogs are platform-specific replicas of unmodified, prefabricated dental implant abutments attached to dental implant fixtures seated in the patient’s mouth. Each abutment analog is used in a working model to represent the location and orientation of a seated implant-abutment assembly, and is not intended for intraoral use. Abutment analogs are precisely machined from titanium alloy. Prior to the casting process, the appropriate analog is attached to each impression coping captured in an elastomeric impression. Because each analog represents an abutment of specific dimensions mated to the restorative platform of a seated implant, it is critical that the analog reflects the supragingival dimensions of the actual fixture and abutment in the oral environment.




Inclusive Abutment Analogs are not intended for use in the oral environment. Do not use an Inclusive Abutment Analog to replicate an abutment that has been modified.


Inclusive Abutment Analogs are packaged NON-STERILE. Prior to use in the oral environment, they should be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized according to an FDA-recognized sterility assurance standard such as ANSI/AAMI ST79.

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