Product Code: 70-1107-SUP0035
Restorative Sample Kit
Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc.

Product Description

Glidewell’s Restorative Sample Kit provides clinicians with a complete set of tools for demonstrating and facilitating patient acceptance of treatment. By assembling crown & bridge, removable, implant and dental sleep medicine solutions in one kit, this collection of samples and models aids case presentation for a wide range of indications. Each kit includes the following:

Crown & Bridge and Implant-Supported Restorations: By providing a visual aid for illustrating traditional crown & bridge dentistry as well as implant-supported restorations, this patient education model helps gain treatment acceptance for an array of clinical situations.

Maxillary Complete Denture: This sample demonstrates restoration of the edentulous arch with a traditional complete denture, including denture teeth in an acrylic base, seated over a pink model of a full arch. The sample can be used alongside the Locator Overdenture and fixed full-arch implant restoration samples to illustrate the treatment options available to the fully edentulous patient.

Fixed Full-Arch Implant Restoration: For use in presenting implant treatment, this sample illustrates how the fixed implant prosthesis fully restores form and function by permanently attaching to six implants in the edentulous arch. The sample includes the prosthesis, a clear model of the edentulous arch, and six implant analogs.

Locator® Overdenture: When a removable implant solution is proposed for the restoration of the edentulous arch, this education model shows patients how the overdenture seats over two Locator attachments, which retain the denture for improved stability and function.

Flexible Partial Denture: This patient education sample illustrates treatment of edentulous spans with a removable partial appliance, with retention provided via flexible clasps or saddles. The sample is seated over a white model of a partially edentulous arch.

Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance: This mandibular advancement device sample demonstrates how snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea can be effectively treated with the Silent Nite Sleep Appliance. The sample is used to show patients how the device supports the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep to help mitigate sleep-related breathing disorders. Note: This sample does not include a model.

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