Product Code: 70-1190-PRC0017
Open-Tray Coping
Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc.

Product Description

Glidewell HT Implant Impression Copings are used to transmit the position, angulation, and connection feature orientation of seated implants when captured in an elastomeric impression. Impressions may be taken with either the indirect or direct technique, depending on the clinician’s preference and chairside conditions. Impression copings are precisely machined from titanium alloy and attached to the implant fixture by a titanium screw. Each impression coping is specific to the restorative platform of the seated implant, as well as the transfer technique and desired emergence profile.

Closed-tray impression copings are for use when employing an indirect transfer technique. Open-tray impression copings are for use when using a direct transfer technique. It is important to use the appropriate impression coping for the transfer technique employed. Using a closed-tray impression coping with an open tray will result in an unreliable transfer, as the lack of undercuts on the closed-tray coping do not impress a vertical stop for repositioning the coping without the surface of a closed tray.

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