Product Code: 70-1071-SRG0283
Shaping Drill
Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc.

Product Description

If placing a Glidewell HT Implant that is 3.5 mm in diameter or greater, Shaping Drills are used sequentially to widen the osteotomy to the matching diameter. To avoid over-preparation, widening drill diameters should be used only as needed, and in proper succession. Each Shaping Drill is length-specific, to match the length of the prescribed implant. Osteotomy depth may be increased sequentially, beginning with shorter drill lengths, provided sufficient depth is achieved with the final drill. Select the desired Shaping Drill, accounting for bone density and the size of the implant to be placed. With copious irrigation, drill to depth. The final drill should correspond with the matching implant size with the goal of achieving high primary stability upon implant placement.

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