Product Code: 70-1190-PRA0029
UCLA Plastic Abutment
Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc.

Product Description

Glidewell HT Implant Universal Clearance-Limited Abutments (UCLAs) are indicated for laboratory use to manually create an implant-level custom abutment for a cement- or screw-retained restoration. UCLAs are precisely machined and attached to the implant fixture (or implant analog) with a titanium screw or guide pin. The plastic sleeve on top of the abutment provides a supporting structure on which to wax the restoration. Each UCLA is specific to the restorative platform of the corresponding implant.

Plastic UCLAs are used to create diagnostic wax-ups (try-in prostheses), whereas gold UCLAs are used to fabricate final custom abutments. Each is available with engaging or non-engaging connection interface. Engaging UCLAs are indicated for single-unit restorations to prevent rotation. A non-engaging UCLA is indicated for multi-unit bridges to allow passive path of insertion without anti-rotational restrictions.

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