Product Code: 70-1194-COM0007
Titanium Abutment
Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc.

Product Description

Inclusive® Titanium Abutments are prefabricated, screw-retained intraoral abutments intended to be connected directly to an endosseous implant for retention of a cemented dental prosthesis. They may be indicated for single- and multiple-tooth restorations. Titanium abutments are precisely machined from titanium alloy and attached to the implant fixture with a titanium screw. For use in any region of the mouth, they contain a standard, circular emergence profile and straight abutment body available in 4.5 mm and 6 mm vertical height options. Each abutment is specific to the restorative platform of the seated implant.

Inclusive® Titanium Abutments are premanufactured components made of titanium alloy. They have a prefabricated precision interface (implant-abutment connection) and are for fabrication of patient-specific, custom abutments using CAD/CAM technology. Each patient-specific abutment is individually prescribed by a clinician and manufactured by Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc. or a qualified validated milling center.

Engaging abutments are indicated for single-unit restorations to prevent rotation. Non-engaging abutments are indicated for multi-unit bridges, and therefore lack the unnecessary anti-rotational implant connection feature to allow for a passive path of insertion.

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