Product Code: 70-1075-ZST0014
LOCATOR Abutment
Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc.

Product Description

The LOCATOR Implant Attachment System is designed for use with overdentures or partial dentures, retained in whole or in part, by endosseous implants in the mandible or maxilla.

Locator Abutment Features

  • Lowest Vertical Height: The total height of the Locator Attachment (abutment plus male) is only 3.17mm on an externally hexed implant, and 2.5mm on a non-hexed implant.
  • Locating Design: Self-locating design allows a patient to easily seat their overdenture without the need for accurate alignment of the attachment components.
  • Retention Inside And Out: The patented Dual Retention innovation provides the Locator Attachment with greater retention surface area than ever before available with other attachments. A combination of inside and outside retention ensures the longest lasting performance.
  • Rotational Pivoting Action: The design of the pivoting Locator Male allows a resilient connection for the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention. The retentive nylon male remains completely in contact with the abutment socket while its titanium denture cap has a full range of rotational movement over the male.
  • Use With Non-Parallel Implants: The Locator Replacement Males can be used to restore an implant with up to 10 degrees of divergence (20 degrees between implants). The Locator Extended Range Replacement Males can accommodate a divergent implant between 10 and 20 degrees (40 degrees between implants).




Not appropriate where a totally rigid connection is required. Use on a single implant with divergence of greater than 20 degrees is not recommended.

Single-Use Devices

Locator Males: The inadvertent re-use of Locator nylon males could cause loss of retention for the overdenture due to wear from previous use or damage during removal with the Locator Core Tool.

Locator Abutments: The inadvertent re-use of Locator abutments could contain patient contamination build-up and subsequent wear of the retention bands. This would result in the device to perform with improper fit and function which would result in loss of retention for the prosthesis.


All components and instruments are supplied NON-STERILE.

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