Product Code: 70-BIO-IBGKIT
Grafting Kit

Product Description

The Newport Surgical Implant and Bone Grafting Instrument Kit includes the essential instruments needed to complete all of the bone grafting procedures typically performed in the dental practice. Featuring top-quality German stainless steel, the kit includes the following:

  1. Large Sterilization Tray
  2. Bone Carrier and Spoon
  3. 2/4 Molt Curette
  4. Sinus Curette
  5. Serrated Curette
  6. Adson Forceps with Serrated Tips
  7. Crile Needle Holder
  8. Goldman-Fox One-Blade Serrated Scissors
  9. Scalpel Handle No. 3 Round
  10. Seldin Retractor
  11. Oringer Mouth Retractor
  12. Bone Dish

Technical Specifications

Material: German stainless steel

Instruments Included: 12

Warranty: Five years

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