Product Code: 70-V393-M
Meril Endo Surgery Pvt. Ltd.

Product Description

As a resorbable option, REDISORB® PRO Sutures are available in both polyglycolic acid (PGA) and chromic for a reliable outcome. The sutures are broken down naturally over time, leaving no foreign body left behind. Containing 12 sutures in each box, REDISORB PRO Sutures come packaged in a special gravity-fed dispenser that provides easy access to suture packets from an opening at the bottom of the box. Its pure foil pouch and medical-grade paper add another layer of protection that secures the integrity of the suture. Included in the REDISORB PRO packaging is a 3/8 reverse-cutting needle that is specifically created for tough, difficult-to-penetrate tissue. There are several advantages of using a reverse-cutting needle:

  • They exhibit more strength than similar-sized conventional cutting needles
  • The danger of tissue cutout is greatly reduced
  • The hole left by the needle provides ample space for tying the suture

Technical Specifications

Material: Polymer of PGA

Ethicon Brand Name: Vicryl

Natural/Synthetic: Synthetic

Construction: Braided/multifilament

Coating: Polycaprolactone and ca-stearate

Color: Violet and undyed

Strength Retention: 65-75% at 14 days; 40-45% at 21 days; below 20% at 28 days

Absorption Time: Approximately 75-90 days

Absorption Process: Hydrolysis

Packaging: Pure foil pouch, medical-grade paper

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